Valley Diagnostics

Valley Diagnostics BU 17-01-24

Valley Diagnostics

Our mission is earlier detection and diagnosis of disease, opening the doors to a longer, healthier and happier life

About us

Valley Diagnostics is bringing to market next generation lateral flow diagnostic kits, combined with smartphone technology for reading test results and software for capturing and managing subject data, all for deployment in screening programs, in “point-of-care” and “at-home” use.
Valley Diagnostics lateral flow devices will test for patent-protected biomarkers that identify early human and animal diseases allowing for very early detection and diagnosis of disease.

Our products


A very accurate, multiplex lateral flow rapid screening test which will enable health care systems to diagnose prostate cancer earlier and faster leading to better outcomes for patients.


A rapid screening test changing how health care systems diagnose prostate cancer earlier and faster leading to better outcomes for patients.


A rapid point of use lateral flow test being developed primarily for use in the battle against Bovine TB. Fast, accurate and usable by vets and farmers "in the field"


A smartphone and cloud based platform for capture, analysis, reporting and recording of lateral flow test results.

Who we are

A passionate team of scientists and product developers on a serious mission

Our team includes world renowned metabolomics researchers, experts in antigenic translation, antibody development and production, assay development and production, novel lateral flow technology, machine learning and user facing mobile app technology and data capture systems.
What we do

We use advanced and novel technologies to redefine early screening for disease

We manage the whole product development lifecycle, from biomarker fingerprinting with the highest AUC, followed by the applied chemistry process to translate analytes into antibodies and produce them at scale.

We then conjugate the antibodies to produce the immunoassay for building into a lateral flow test using latest lateral flow test smart fluidics to detect multiple analytes in one test.

We apply regulator-approved Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms deployed via smartphone apps and cloud-based computing to capture, manage, analyse and report test result data with an app, cloud and dashboard software platform designed for medical-grade regulatory compliance.

"We want to make a difference to human and animal healthcare, to help identify disease early, to enable intervention when it can make a real difference"

Dave Taylor. Founder and CEO
Our process

The elements that make up our products


Sector leading metabolomics research in the discovery and identification of biomarker signatures for human and and animal diseases.


Translational science and purification services for the conjugation of the biomarker analytes in order to prepare antigenic molecules for antibody preparation.


Provision of the antibody development, antibody production, assay solutions and packaging of kits for the immuno-assays.


Development and production of the innovative multiplex lateral flow, flowDx technology diagnostic test.


Deployment of an MHRA approved, AI-powered, digital smartphone reader.


Deployment of a fully developed data management software platform called “Transform”, uniquely built to Software as a Medical Device (“SaMD”) standard for lateral flow test data capture and reporting.

Our impact

Benefiting the community - locally and globally

We want to deploy our products wordwide, so that we can bring the benefits of early, low cost, easy to use and manage disease screening to the widest audience. We know that our products can help to improve health outcomes for people and animals wherever they are and whatever their circumstances.

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